Jamii Bora Makao         


Jamii Bora Makao

Urbanis Africa manages Jamii Bora Makao, a real estate company targeting the low income population in Kenya.

Jamii Bora Makao is developing 2000 (two and four bedroom) low cost residential houses within eight neighbourhoods and 1164 commercial units in Kaputiei within Kisaju Town off Namanga Road. which will eventually house 2,000 families. To date 780 houses have been built and sold. The vision for Kaputei is one of a “green” town, rich with trees and planned around socially and ecologically sound and sustainable principles.

When complete, Kaputei town will house approximately 2000 families in homes designed around a unique neighborhood concept. Each neighborhood comprises approximately 250 houses and is designed to provide features such as playgrounds for children, parks and community halls or church halls.


The town also has its own borehole, and does not rely on municipal water supply. Additionally, a water recycling plant manages sewage and waste water streams making Kaputei Town a true example of environmentally sound design and development.

Kaputei is essentially an entirely new town of its own; one in which families accustomed to the harsh conditions of slums, viz. inadequate housing, deficient or nonexistent water and sanitation, lack of waste disposal services, and altogether pervasive infrastructural paucity, will be introduced to a better life. In Kaputei, they will have access to schooling and health facilities; they will enjoy a cleaner and safer environment and will be surrounded by a vibrant healthy community.

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